Winter Gardening Trends

The love for gardening can be a difficult hobby to maintain in the winter for most. But if you find yourself still wanting to head outside, or want to make sure all your plants are well cared for in the colder months, here are some ideas for winter gardening. 


Keeping Plant Protected

If you have some high maintenance or expensive plants in the garden, then keeping them protected against the harsh weather is essential. Gardening covers are always a trend in the winter and are a simple product that protects your plants from frost. Some think that it’s better to let nature take its course, but in actual fact, a lot of plants you can now by in British summer, aren’t naturally able to survive the winter.


Clean & Green

Garden can quickly become messy in the winter, with leaves falling also with twigs and branches. Keep it clean isn’t just good for your OCD, leaves falling can block essential and rare sunlight in the winter which plants need more than ever. Rakes up any mess and use bug spray to keep away any insects that may try and harm your plants in the colder months.


Keep it Warm

While most will retreat to the indoors in the winter, some of us enjoy sitting outside (wrapped up) which is why Christmas markets are so popular. Buying an outdoor heater or fire pit can really help encourage you to enjoy your garden more in the winter. Find some durable cane furniture and enjoy warm drinks with a little bit of a chill.


Gardening Isn’t All About Plants!

Most people associate gardening with dozens of wildflowers, pretty plants and anything else green. And while these are all great from the summertime, it’s not so pretty in the winter. Gardening includes other areas to consider and the winter is the perfect time to add stone paths, birdbaths and other decorations to keep you constantly improving the space you love. 


For the Traditional Gardener

So if you’re looking for some traditional gardening to do in the winter than you should have some hydrangeas. Often these plants are known to be a nuisance, but with a small amount of work in the winter, you’ll see a real reward in the summer. Trimming the hydrangeas smooth in the winter will give you a much bigger bloom in the summer.

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