Eating In Frankfurt: Obligatory Places To Visit

Eating In Frankfurt: Obligatory Places To Visit

There are many reasons why you’re visiting Frankfurt this time. Someone prefers travelling alone or with friends. There is an international airport to make visits to your friends regular. Everything depends on how much time you have. Your city trip can be comfortable by using Frankfurt rental car service right here, in the airport. If you are limited in time, you should learn a couple of meals to love. Here are places that you are recommended to try.

Chopped Salad with Blackberry Vinaigrette

Market at Konstablerwache

The city space at the Konstablerwache station becomes a noisy platform with a vast number of tents. The aromatic meat, cheese, bread are sold every Thursday and Saturday from here. Travelling to Frankfurt the first time, you should come here to taste national cuisine. Thus, if you want to try something true German, you should start from Apfelwein. Apfelwein (apple wine) can be found in two different conditions: sweet and sour. Sweet wine is served with lemonade and sour is good with mineral water. The wine is served in a huge pitcher of national colors, so-called Bembel. The wine tastes like a cider but lighter a bit. It is pleasant and refreshing in a hot weather.

Apfelwein is not everything you should try in Germany. Let’s try to find something else. There are lots of specific dishes to try. So, how about tasting Rostis mit Grune Soße (potato pancakes baked with green sauce), an asparagus salad, and Handkase mit Musik (cheese balls)? Never forget: the green sauce is probably the best national dish in Frankfurt. It is made of herbs such as chives, parsley, sorrel, and many others that can be found only in the territory of Germany. The asparagus salad is also delicious. The ingredients for salad are masterfully marinated in vinegar and eaten with strawberries or other berries on the top.

The Handkase mit Musik is another local dish to try this evening. It is made of the cheese balls of sour milk. The cheese balls are decorated with onions on the top. The dish is served cold but still aromatic.

Allagash + lobster rolls = summer

Burger Baby

So, your traditional city lunch is finished. Of course, in Germany you want to have something special for dinner. How about burgers? If you like burgers you should visit Burger Baby at least once to come back here more and more! There are few dishes to share. The most popular dish is a regular-sized burger with your choice of toppings (cheese, avocado, sauce), and different fillers (BBQ bacon, chipotle-cheddar, and a plain burger), a Philly cheesesteak, and a basket of fries in addition.

Burger Baby’s also offers to try meat patties. The meat slices are cooked to a medium fry to be juicy and soft all together, melting in the mouth. Have you ever tried the cheesesteak? It can be easily your favorite dish in Frankfurt to eat. It is made of chopped meat, fresh mushrooms and cheese mixed together. It tastes marvelously. You will definitely order more than one portion for dinner. Honestly, don’t think that burgers are typical American attraction. There are places in Germany to try juicy and aromatic meats, better than Americans do.

Mel's Diner

Iimori Patisserie

If you like Japanese food, you shouldn’t wait for long and go to find it right here in Frankfurt. This bakery is the first place in the city to try traditional Japanese melon pan. What a surprise. You can find a shop and a restaurant here! The place is rather popular for visiting. It is recommended to book a table beforehand in the restaurant as it is difficult to find a free place in the evening and often during the day. The restaurant design is a unique mix of the tearoom in Versailles and up-to-date decoration.

The restaurant menu has everything you want to try, including traditional German breakfast of rolls and cold meat, Japanese meals, such as sushi, cucumber salad, popular miso soup, rolls, chicken and calamari rings, salmon, okonomiyaki, curry sauce and other spicy dishes from a foreign cuisine. Anyway, you’ll be surprised to meet them all here in Germany. Which one is your favorite? Whatever you have, the dishes are fresh and tasty.

What about the dessert? Traditional German dessert is a chocolate cake with green tea. Alternatively, you can order something like red bean cake, a cheesecake, almond or pear bakery, and mango and raspberry or other fruit puddings. You cannot find something chic for dessert here. But whatever you have, the taste is going to be incredible. You can’t wait to come back again and again.

Calamari Rings

Other Good Eats

There is one place for ice cream that only locals now. That’s why, after finishing your tasty dinner at Burger Baby, you should go to find Mint. This atmospheric place offers you to try the tastiest ice-cream ever. Which taste is your favorite? There are two popular tastes. They are dolce de leche and lime-mint. Now, it’s time for drinks. Apple wine is the best popular but not the only one available drink in Frankfurt. You should also stop by a great local brewery called Braustil. What kind of place is it? The brewery occupies a small space, but you are offered to have a meal outdoors, in the lovely garden terrace. You can try beer of different sorts, including the world known ale.

Beer (explore 2017-11-05)

And lastly, it would be great to get to one more interesting place for one more Must-try Frankfurt delicacy. The point is, Frankfurt it’s the one place where you can get a Chipotle burrito in Germany. Factually, this is one of few popular food spots in Europe to try this kind of burrito. So, travelling all over the country, try to leave some time at the end to make a stop by Chipotle at the Skyline Plaza in Frankfurt. It doesn’t take much time for your company, but the dish is worth trying to feel the real taste of German cuisine.

Have you been to Frankfurt recently? What are your favorite dishes there? Honestly, this is a favorable platform to find any dish of German specific you like.

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