Honda X- Blade ride photo gallery

Riding a bike is a passion for so many young adults and youth out there. With an increase in the traffic, having and riding a motorcycle is considered to be way more convenient than any other mode of transportation. Why not? If the road is packed with traffic only a motorcycle or cycle is probably going to come to your rescue, but a motorcycle will take you to your destination faster than the cycle.

There are various categories of motorcycles which are available, which type suits you the best is the one you need to buy.

  • The sport bike
  • The cruiser
  • The standard motorbike
  • The dirt bike
  • The electric motorbike

Before the launch of the Honda X- Blade it was already making some noise about its style, colors and features. It made its launch this year. What are the things you need to know regarding X- Blade? It has a complete LED headlamp which gives the two-wheelers a trendy, sporty and sleek look. The petroleum tank is an add-on to the aggressive looking sportive design of the bike. Also, it is been motorized by one cylinder 160 cc engine. The petroleum tank ability of the bike is 12 liters thus providing the fuel efficiency of the tank to be 50 km for a liter of fuel.

The ex- showroom price of the Honda x- Blade is considered to be Rs. 80,720. The two-wheeler is available in colors like black, green, silver, red and blue. It consists of 5 number of gears in total. The type of fuel used for this two-wheeler is petrol. Also, it has a digital speedometer and tachometer. It also consists of a manual type of a gearbox. Other features of the X-Blade include low fuel indicator and low oil indicator. The curb weight of the motorcycle is 140 kg. the overall length, width, and height of the X- Blade are 2,013 mm, 786 mm and 1,115 mm.

What are the things that you need to have a look into before you purchase a motorcycle?

In the first place, you need to make sure that the motorcycle you plan to buy is the one from a reputed and a brand that is trusted by most of the people. For this information, you can browse the internet and you will readily find all the required information of your choice. Also, make sure you set up a cost that you wouldn’t want to exceed. You don’t need to buy something that is really expensive, all it has to do is fulfill your basic needs or so, thus make sure you set your budget. Check on the insurance and what are the claims that they provide you with. Also, inquire about the close by service centers which you can easily access in case of an emergency. Also, you need to do the regular maintenance of your two-wheeler in order to avoid the extra cost it might sum up to later if your motorcycle breaks down at a go.

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