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How to Accentuate Your Looks Using Perfume

How to Accentuate Your Looks Using Perfume

Perfume is an indispensable accessory for all. It plays a significant role in complementing your outfit and making you look presentable. However, choosing the right scent can be a real challenge, and every perfume enthusiast will tell you that this can get tough. Nonetheless, there are various ways to choose your perfume rightly and maintain that luxurious look and smell.

Here’s how to go about it:

  1. Know your Personality & Choose Rightly

Often, we get confused when shopping for perfume. This is a normal occurrence but shouldn’t be an excuse for blunders. Always choose the right perfume to match your personality. First of all, check the label and ensure that the product is genuine.

Moreover, smell the perfume to determine its capability to retrain the essence. This shouldn’t be an issue, though! You can use Scent Split perfume samples to determine your best scent. If smelling different scents, request the store owner for coffee beans, which ensures that your sense of smell isn’t mixed.

If you’re a lively person with a cheerful personality, go for citrus, aromatic, or fresh floral fragrances. If you have a feminine character, choose subtle and finely crafted perfumes. On the other hand, consider wood, fresh and green scents if you’re calm.

  1. Make it last longer!

Who doesn’t like smelling great the entire day? Although wearing your favorite perfume helps, some perfumes wear off faster than others. There’s no reason to fret, though! There are various ways to make your sweet scent last longer and leave you looking gorgeous and smelling good. Here’s how to do it;

Apply immediately after shower– Proper application ensures that your perfume lasts longer. For excellent results, apply right after showering.

Dab on your pulse points: These are wrists, elbows, the back of your ears, and behind your arms or knees. In such spots, the blood vessels are closer to the skin, making them warmer than the rest. The heat releases the scent and projects it than before.

Dab on your skin– Don’t let clothes obstruct your fragrance. It will smell best and last longer when you allow it to meld your body’s natural oils.

Moisturize your skin– Applying perfume on moisturized skin allows it to lock the fragrance better.

  1. Wear Perfume with the Occasion in Mind

Perfumes come in different scents, and you want to pick the right match for your occasion. A citrus scent can inspire that holiday joy, while a rose scent is ideal for an aromatic date. If going on a first date or work-related event, a confidence-boosting perfume works best. Consider punchier scents such as oud, woody, or earthy musks.

What other accessories should you use to stand out?

The right perfume works best when you complement it with other stunning accessories. These include bracelets, earrings, and watches. Play around with colors and have your accessories match your outfit. Wear a matching set of earrings and bracelets, and don’t leave behind your stylish watch and purse.

A quick wrap up

Different perfume bands come up each day. Always pick the right cent for your needs. Know your likes and choose the right scent for your outfit, personality, and occasion. Most importantly, shop from accredited stores and only go for genuine products.

Tips For Returning Employees to The Office After Lockdown

Tips For Returning Employees to The Office After Lockdown

Lockdown has come with a lot of questions, and it won’t be a surprise if your employees have more when returning to the office. But there aren’t too many rules to enforce in the office environment, there are guidelines you should adhere to, in order to keep your employees safe after COVID-19. Here’s a look and how you can make everyone feel comfortable in their daily routine. 

Only Come in When Completely Necessary

Just because offices are reopening doesn’t make it essential to be in there. If your staff can work from home, let them. Naturally when getting back to normality there will be meetings and other staff functions that might be essential, but for the most part if your business has the ability to function from home, carry it on for as long as possible.

You could even consider splitting the team up and have half in on certain days and swap to boost team morale while adding desk space to your office. This is a particularly good option for businesses with little space.

Buy Smart

If you’re looking to invest in new essentials for the office think about how suitable it is in current circumstances. Designer furniture such as desks, sofas and tables should be easy to clean for employees to share, create hand sanitiser stations and have face masks available incase staff forget theirs. You want to really review your office as it stands and make sure everything is set up to make staff, clients and customers as comfortable as possible.       

Smart Thermometers could also be purchased to make staff comfortable with who they’re working alongside, simply check with everyone each morning and everyone can feel a little more relaxed.

Find New Ways to Boost Morale

While the idea of working from home for three months sounds wonderful, in reality working independently for that long can’t be boring. Getting staff back into the normal routine is key and some morale-boosting games, competitions or just social break can really help remind staff of how positive the workday can be.

Signs and reminders

While everything from face masks to hand sanitiser is fairly obvious by now, adding signs around the office is essential. From both a safety and security perspective it keeps your staff fully aware of all the rules and keeps the business protected from any potential legal issues too. 

What Is A Specialized Court For Drug Possession Charges?

What Is A Specialized Court For Drug Possession Charges?

Individuals that are convicted with any of the various drug possession charges understand that they’re facing an entire range of sentences and penalties which may vary from every state. The sentences for possession charges can vary from a $100 fine with a couple of days in jail to hundred of thousands of dollars with several years of prison time.

The penalties for simple drug possession charges are the lightest in terms of other sentences. Charges involving the distribution of prescribed medicine or manufacturing illegal drugs would often carry a harsher sentence. There are times when the prosecutor will offer a plea deal to the defendant who could be ready to aid them during a higher-priority case or investigation. If a defendant is able to help the prosecution in arresting a drug ring leader, a plea deal will be offered to the defense team.

The penalties for drug possession charges may differ based on various factors and state where the case was filed or where the defendant was arrested. Defendants are urged to work alongside an experienced defense lawyer to assist the case and have a far better chance of getting it dropped. If dropping the charge is impossible, the goal is to get a lenient conviction.

Drug Possession Charges State vs Federal Penalties

Federal legislators enacted the minimum sentencing guidelines that overrule drug offenses since 1986. The enactment was made in an effort by the lawmakers to permit the law enforcers to focus on high-level distributors and drug ring leaders. The cases of crime leaders may have an impact on the cases of the lower-level drug defendants.

Most states have their own similar approach when it involves any drug sentences. The sentences that are fixed are often dependent on the type of the drug, the amount of the drugs, and the individual’s previous convictions. The difference is how strict or lenient are the minimum sentencing guidelines being enforced in a state. An example is with the state of Kentucky which follows the minimum sentencing guidelines, yet it’s one among the states with the strictest provisions when it comes to drug possession charges. One possession charge in the state of Kentucky may lead first-time offenders to have two to 10 years in prison and a fine reaching up to $20,000. Meanwhile, California also follows the minimum sentencing guidelines by the federal legislation but the state is one of the most lenient jurisdictions when it comes to drug possession sentences. The jail time for first-time offenders can be 15 to 180 days in prison and a fine of $100 to $500.

PWID Convictions

Convictions and penalties associated with possession with intent to deliver charge often varies on the type of substance involved in the case. The PWID conviction for LSD or marijuana comes with five years of jail time with $15,000 maximum fine. PCP, cocaine, and meth have a maximum sentence of 10 years with a fine of $100,000. A PWID conviction for heroin constitutes to 15 years in prison with a $250,000 fine.

Specialized Drug Courts

Multiple states have established drug courts that have systems that are only focused on felony drug defendants which are often overseen by the judge. The goal of the court is to rehabilitate the defendant instead of filing drug possession charges which will require a court trial. Judges have considerable control over the operations and mandates of the drug courts. If a defendant agrees to be on a drug court, the individual would check-in for more than 12 months. The time spent was designated for treatment sessions, rehabilitation activities, and random drug tests. The defendant will appear before the drug court judge frequently. Defendants who have agreed to be admitted to the “drug court procedures” but did not appear in the scheduled proceedings or tested positive for drugs while checked in the program, will be arrested and will be given brief jail time.

Aside from the minimum sentencing guidelines, there are other factors that have an effect on the sentences and penalties that a defendant may face. When the court is preparing the sentence, the judge would check out if there are aggravating or mitigating instances related to the case. These instances may involve the defendant’s past records, which includes the type of drug in which the case revolves around.

Many jurisdictions would hand down a harsher sentence for convictions if the case happened near a school. This will be considered as an aggravating instance in this case. The sentence can be lighter if the defendant is simply aiding an abusive partner with regards to the drug trade operation. The defendant could be given a lesser charge with the abuse as this serves as a mitigating instance for the court.

State Drug Possession Laws

The federal law has an overruling power when enforcing drug laws. However, the Drug Enforcement Administration (DEA) is concentrated on interstate operations and larger drug trafficking crimes. Drug possession charges are often dealt with by the local and state laws governing the jurisdiction where the case took place.

Surrogate Qualifications and Surrogacy’s Impact To Intended Parents

Surrogate Qualifications and Surrogacy’s Impact To Intended Parents

Surrogacy is an assisted reproduction process where the intended parents partner with a surrogate to carry their child in her womb until birth. Intended parents utilize surrogacy to build or start their families when their capabilities are being limited by certain circumstances and situations. Before the carrier takes on the task, there are rigorous surrogate qualifications that she has to go through. Surrogacy is a year-long process that can be stressful if the intended parents do not fully understand the journey ahead of them.

The first and least common type of surrogacy is the traditional surrogacy. In this case, the intended father would donate his sperm to be inserted into the surrogate’s egg. Since the egg used in the process comes from the surrogate, this means that she is the child’s biological and birth mother. In order for the intended mother to have custody of the child, she needs to legally adopt the child. The intended father who donated the sperm is the child’s biological father. In the case that the intended father cannot donate his sperm, a sperm bank donor will be utilized. It is not common due to the emotional and legal complications brought by these procedures.

The second, most common, and more appealing type of surrogacy is called gestational surrogacy. It is a method that would need legal and medical expertise to help the intended parents navigate the system. They also need a strong support system when going through this process.

In the gestational procedure, an in-Vitro fertilization or IVF process is deployed. In the IVF process, the embryos are made in a laboratory at a fertility clinic. Sometimes the intended parents utilize their own genetic material for the process. This means the intended mother could let the medical experts use her egg and insert it to the surrogate, while the intended father can donate his sperm. In the event that the intended parents cannot provide their own genetic material, they can still proceed with the process through donors. The surrogate has no biological relations to the child since her egg is not used in the process. One to two embryos created at the lab will be implanted into the gestational surrogate who will carry one or more babies to full-term pregnancy.

Why should couples choose surrogacy?

Surrogacy gives opportunities for individuals and couples to build their families. Surrogacy helps people to have their own children no matter what their ages, sexual orientations, backgrounds, and health status. Most intended parents can be:

  •  Heterosexual couples who are struggling with infertility issues or risky pregnancies.
  • Intended parents who have a health condition or genetic defect that they do not want to pass to their child.
  • Intended mothers who do not have the ability to carry a child.
  • Same-sex intended parents.
  • Single people who want to have a child of their own.

How can surrogacy have an impact on surrogate mothers?

Anyone choosing to become a surrogate knows that it is a life-changing journey. Surrogate mothers are selfless and generous in their bid to help other families have their own children. Many surrogates have formed lasting bonds with the intended parents and even remain part of the family’s life even after the baby is born.

A surrogate applicant must be fully prepared when deciding to go through with the process. There are rigid surrogate qualifications that have to be met. Not everyone can be a surrogate as there are requirements and qualifications that must be met before the process moves into the next phases of the journey.

Surrogates must pass the surrogate qualifications of surrogacy agencies. They must be physically, mentally, and emotionally healthy. Every agency has its own requirements but most of their lists would be similar. The universal requirement for every surrogate is that she must have a previous successful full-term pregnancy.

Intended Parents Are Advised To Partner With A Reliable Agency

Building a family through surrogacy is a fulfilling and emotional path to parenthood. Intended parents place their trust in the process as they invest their hard-earned money in the hopes of building a family. Some couples tend to do the process independently. However, those who are not fully acquainted with the process will have difficulty in doing it independently.

Partnering with an agency helps intended parents have a partnership, support system, and expertise that will be difficult to acquire on their own. An agency has access to surrogates, legal teams, medical experts, and fertility laboratories. Working with a surrogacy agency helps intended parents to have a more relaxed surrogacy journey.

Importance Of A Divorce and Child Custody Mediator

Importance Of A Divorce and Child Custody Mediator

Divorce and child custody are both emotional issues that happen at the same time. Often times, when a divorce takes place, child custody would immediately come next. It is a sensitive time that can cause a greater conflict if both parents cannot agree on an arrangement due to emotions running high. To reach a settlement and agreement that would be beneficial for all sides especially to the children involved, mediation would be needed. A divorce and child custody mediator would help everyone involved properly discuss the process that will come to a fruitful resolution.

Child custody mediation is an important process where the parents work to develop an agreeable outcome for their kids with the aid of a third party. The mediator must be neutral and does not side to any party. Mediation can be privately done but some court-related mediation has become popular in the past decade. Many states have made it mandatory for parents to undergo a mediation process before the litigation of custody cases.

The parenting plan must be structured. A divorce and child custody mediator can help both parents plan out their parenting plans. With the parents working together in the mediation needed to create the structured parenting plan to avoid any battles that can damage both interests, including the children.

Tips On The Mediation Process

Open Mind

When approaching the mediation, both parties must have an open mind. The divorce might be emotional and could have caused some resentment for each other but the parents must focus on their children’s needs. Parents who are open to listen and discuss often reach a better resolution that will benefit their children.

People who are stubborn and believe that there is only one solution to the custody issues of the child refuse to compromise. This can lead to a devastating legal battle that will be emotional and stressful. It is important to come with an open mind even if there is anger to be able to brainstorm solutions that will work for everyone.

Focus on The Child or Children

Divorce and child custody discussions can often open up wounds. In fact, those emotional wounds have not fully healed yet. Some parents will argue during mediation and bring up the issues in their marriage. The mediation process is not the place to bring up marital problems but it is a time to work out the parenting issues after the divorce. It might be difficult for one parent to face his or her ex-spouse but instead of thinking about the other person, the main focus should be the child.

Before the mediation, parents must communicate with the child and determine his or her needs. Focusing on the other person or retaliating to the anger displayed will not solve anything. It is important that parents consider their children’s needs and discuss them with a mature mindset.

Research and Come Prepared

Parents must do their respective research to be able to lay out their plans that will be brought up during the mediation. It is best if the parents would write down the proposals they have in mind so that it will be discussed during the mediation process. They must list down the child’s needs so that it will be stated during the meeting.

Maintain A Perspective

Mediation can be tense as two opposing parties who decided they could not stand each other decided to go the divorce route. It is easy to waste the mediation meeting just because the two parents kept on arguing. Avoid this unproductive time by maintaining a perspective. Parents should always remember that they are in the mediation process for their children, not for themselves. If necessary, take a time-out from the session. If it helps, have several mediation sessions to attain a satisfactory agreement.

A divorce and child custody mediator can be found through law firms like Benari Law. Once the parents have a mediator, it is best to listen to his or her advice. The mediator has no emotional connection to the parents and as a neutral third party adviser, he or she will have no bias in seeing the child’s best interests. It is the mediator’s job to balance the child’s needs and respect the parents’ desires. Parents must be calm and let the mediator ease them through the process.

Is A Lawyers Lifestyle As Glamorous As It Is Made Out To Be?

Is A Lawyers Lifestyle As Glamorous As It Is Made Out To Be?

There are many TV shows and films that make lawyers out to be gods among men, American TV shows such as Suits show lawyers in high rise, glass, contemporary offices with $2000 suits, attractive assistants and simply walking around New York talking to clients and doing hard negotiating face to face. Unfortunately, the reality is very different for most people (of course some of the worlds best lawyers will live a lifestyle similar to this but 99% will not).

The road from entering the legal profession straight out of university is very long, tiring and arduous and to make it to the very top you will need some luck along the way. To it’s credit, Suits does actually do a good job of showing what life is like for graduates in the ‘bull pen’, you will work VERY long hours, be asked to all of the jobs the partners and senior partners don’t want to do and spend most of your life under a pile of paperwork. To some extent you will be a glorified paralegal writing the paperwork required by more senior people within the firm for them to get the job done and you will be expected to do this with no mistakes. One mistake can make a big difference to your future at a law practice no matter how tired and worn out you may be. The rewards if you get it right though are huge.

Once you move out of being the new guy, you will then move on handling some of your own case work, these will often be lower risk cases with lots of litigation involved. A large part of being a lawyer is actually dispute resolution, depending upon the area of law you are specialising in, this could be the majority of your job. For example, if you are working at a dispute resolution solicitors in Manchester within family law, the majority of your time will be spent doing this. It can at times be tedious but it is important to remember the impact your actions will have on a persons life, no matter how mundane it may seem to you.

Overall a lawyers life is very good compared to most peoples, you will earn well above the average wage and will only go on to earn more with the more experience you get. You then have options to work for larger, more corporate firms or go and set your own practice up if you prefer a more relaxed lifestyle. Just remember though, if you are aiming for the Suits lifestyle you will need to be one of the 1% so don’t base any career decision on this. 

Surrogacy Benefits Of Working With An Agency

Surrogacy Benefits Of Working With An Agency

Looking for a surrogate mother is not an easy task, which is why many intended parents seek the help of a surrogate agency. Once you have made the difficult resolution of opting for a surrogacy procedure to build your family, the road ahead can be confusing and daunting. You will spend a long time considering various emotional roller coasters that you have to go through, along with your family and the people that will be involved in the procedure. You may also be unsure about the practicalities and processes involved in a surrogacy procedure.

There are multiple surrogacy benefits you have considered but there are also pitfalls you want to avoid which is why you are advised to work with a reputable surrogate agency.

When pushing through the procedure, there are many decisions you have to make. First, you need to identify and decide on which type of surrogacy procedure do you need and which process would you go through. When making the decision, it is important to have a medical professional or surrogate doctor to guide you. One of the options is artificial insemination where the woman never has enough or lost egg cells.

Since the intended mother’s eggs cannot be used, the sperm of the intended father will be artificially inseminated to the surrogate mother’s egg. Therefore, the child will be biologically related to the surrogate mother. The procedure mentioned falls under the type of surrogacy which is referred to as traditional surrogacy.

Since the child has no biological relation to the intended mother, there are legal implications that must be followed. The intended mother must adopt the baby once he or she is born to have a legal claim and be recognized as the child’s parent. The intended parents must ensure that the surrogate mother signs a legal agreement that she will give up her parental rights.

In some cases, the intended parents agree or allow the surrogate mother to have some form of visitation rights since she has a biological relationship with the child. It must be noted that all these details are arranged and agreed upon before the child’s birth.

If the traditional route is not a good option, you can opt for gestational surrogacy. This procedure allows the intended parents’ egg and sperm to be combined through the process called in-vitro fertilization (IVF). The resulting embryo would be inseminated or inserted into the surrogate’s womb. This process is done if the pregnancy is dangerous to be carried by the intended mother. In other cases, gestational surrogacy does not entirely need the intended parents’ egg and sperm. If either of the intended mother or father is infertile.

A sperm or egg donor will be utilized. The same IVF process will be used and the embryo will be transferred to the surrogate. Gestational surrogacy is the most common procedure since the surrogate mother has no biological relations to the child.

Whichever method you plan to choose, the surrogate mother will also experience emotional complexities, which is why she must be emotionally stable. Some intended parents choose to do the procedure independently and choose a family member or close friend as the surrogate.

Such independent arrangements have some benefits such as there is a greater level of connection between the intended parents and surrogates. Since the surrogate is a close friend or family member, she can stay in contact with the child. It is also way cheaper than going through an agency.

However, there are major disadvantages to going to the independent route. You still need to stick to a legal protocol even if your surrogate is a close family member. There must be lawyers involved to create an agreement for both parties. Your surrogate choice and her partner will also need to have medical testing which you have to organize for yourself. The medical tests include physical and psychological tests.

The process is too unnerving and difficult. You have to learn everything for yourself with no one else to guide you. This is why partnering with a dependable agency is a great solution and you will reap surrogacy benefits while in the process.

You may feel odd that you are involving a stranger to this very sensitive experience but at least, you have an assurance that the surrogate underwent rigorous screenings. A reliable agency will always keep you updated and informed through all the stages of the process.

One of the best surrogacy benefits you can gain with an agency is that they will have to do the hard work and update you on what is needed. This removes the stress of the journey from you. The agency will get your medical history, as well as your potential surrogate’s physiological and psychological tests. They will use this information to match a compatible surrogate that will match your needs.

How To Cope With The Quarantine

How To Cope With The Quarantine

With everything that is happening outside at the minute, it’s extremely important to keep your mind in safe place. Sometimes, in fact, being forced indoors could lead you to dark, unexpected thoughts. It is mandatory, during this period, to keep your mind safe by focusing on all the beautiful things you can do at home (yes, even by yourself!) 

Video Chat

We luckily live in a world which lets us connect with each other with just the touch of a button. During this quarantine, if you want to keep contacts with your friend, you can use a number of applications like Skype, Zoom, Facetime and even party games hosted via webcam like Houseparty. It’s important to stay indoors but it is also extremely important to check in on your friends and family. 


Physical exercise is mandatory to keep yourself fit mainly for when this is over. Imagine leaving your house after this long quarantine and realising that you are not able to do small physical efforts like a simple run. This is the reason why, even when forced into quarantine, you should keep yourself doing some physical exercise (especially cardio-related). Gather your fitness clothing and start sweating! 


There are plenty of videogames and consoles you can buy for a little price right now, plus all the games already available for your PC and mobile phone. Videogames like Animal Crossing, for example, are very likely to help you relax during these dark times. Animal Crossing is a routine simulator with a lot of cure characters on a fictional island. Or, if you’re more of an action guy yourself, you may want to consider Call Of Duty of FIFA to play with your friends. 

A Simple Book

Nothing keeps your mind at peace than a good read. When forced into quarantine, a book could help you in maintaining peace of mind by leading you to great stories. There are endless studies of doctors admitting the power a book could have on your serotonin creation, also known as the protein of happiness. Reading is extremely important when being isolated from the rest of the world, regardless of the length or complexity of the title, which is why we’ve included it into this list. 

To Conclude 

Being isolated could suck, but, if you keep yourself occupied, it could potentially become a decent experience. We hope you stay safe and good luck!

Utility Wear: How To Pull Off The Latest Trend

Utility Wear: How To Pull Off The Latest Trend

The workwear trend has been around for years, but in recent months it’s evolved into more technical garments, more pockets and better fits, this is now known as utility wear. More fashion houses are moving toward functional clothing that offers a stylish edge, think about military clothing, fisherman jackets and cargos, these are all the basis of the new trend. 

But what goes with what? can you go too far with it? Here’s how you can pull off the latest utility styles:

Start Small

Rather than going big and adding copious amounts of pockets to everything you’re wearing, start small. A pair of fitted cargos are the best way to start off, pair with mens graphic t-shirts and a hoodie depending on the weather, you can layer it up. Or you can reverse it and go for a pair of black jeans with a technical or fishermans gilet, again this can be layered up with a longline shirt and a sweater or hoodie. To kee with the starting small statement, look for blacks and dark greens to keep them as a staple garment in your wardrobe.


AKA wearable luggage, think of a stylish bumbag, that looks much more technical. They can be worn around the waist or over one shoulder and sit across your torso. Its a bold statement piece that works well with cargo trousers and a tee, and while neon and bright colours are available, your basic colour are best if you want a utility accessory that works with most outfits.

You’ll also find utility harnesses making a big appearance in 2020, basically adding extra pockets to you stylish with a military styled garment. Also known as a chest pack or a harness vest if you’re looking to cop this one.


If you’re looking to rep the full utility-style you might as well start looking at boots. Trainers still work with it if you’re not keen, but boots complete a more intentional utility style. Look for chunkier soles, lace-up and dark boots when browsing, something that will match you utility-style whether you’re just wearing black cargos or if you decide to mix it up with camo,


If you’re looking for an ever so slight smarter finish than a shirt can be added to the style. To be more specific, you should look out for shackets (shirt jackets) thicker shirts made with durable fabric and likely have a stiffer finish, camo prints and darker Aztec pattern work really well with utility wear. Match this up with a utility vest and mens spray on jeans for a street style.

It all falls into streetwear as a whole, but you can style utility wear in both a fashion or work sense if you’re looking for a more urban look.

Winter Gardening Trends

The love for gardening can be a difficult hobby to maintain in the winter for most. But if you find yourself still wanting to head outside, or want to make sure all your plants are well cared for in the colder months, here are some ideas for winter gardening. 


Keeping Plant Protected

If you have some high maintenance or expensive plants in the garden, then keeping them protected against the harsh weather is essential. Gardening covers are always a trend in the winter and are a simple product that protects your plants from frost. Some think that it’s better to let nature take its course, but in actual fact, a lot of plants you can now by in British summer, aren’t naturally able to survive the winter.


Clean & Green

Garden can quickly become messy in the winter, with leaves falling also with twigs and branches. Keep it clean isn’t just good for your OCD, leaves falling can block essential and rare sunlight in the winter which plants need more than ever. Rakes up any mess and use bug spray to keep away any insects that may try and harm your plants in the colder months.


Keep it Warm

While most will retreat to the indoors in the winter, some of us enjoy sitting outside (wrapped up) which is why Christmas markets are so popular. Buying an outdoor heater or fire pit can really help encourage you to enjoy your garden more in the winter. Find some durable cane furniture and enjoy warm drinks with a little bit of a chill.


Gardening Isn’t All About Plants!

Most people associate gardening with dozens of wildflowers, pretty plants and anything else green. And while these are all great from the summertime, it’s not so pretty in the winter. Gardening includes other areas to consider and the winter is the perfect time to add stone paths, birdbaths and other decorations to keep you constantly improving the space you love. 


For the Traditional Gardener

So if you’re looking for some traditional gardening to do in the winter than you should have some hydrangeas. Often these plants are known to be a nuisance, but with a small amount of work in the winter, you’ll see a real reward in the summer. Trimming the hydrangeas smooth in the winter will give you a much bigger bloom in the summer.