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4 Ideas For A Memorable Anniversary Celebration

Sometimes anniversaries come and go so quickly that they often get lost and forgotten in amongst your busy day-to-day lives. Whether you’ve been married for 1 or 20 years, it’s important that you take the time out to make your anniversary more meaningful than your last – after all, every anniversary is an exciting new milestone in your lives. 

So many of us forget to invest a little bit of time into our anniversaries and, instead of doing something new or memorable, after a few years, you might find you’ve grown bored of meals out or going to the cinema, so here are some ideas of how you can have a truly memorable anniversary celebration. 


Plan An Exciting Trip

In an ideal world, many of us would jet off and go on the most lavish and extravagant vacation we can afford for our yearly anniversary celebrations. However, the problem is that sometimes finances, jobs and busy lives often don’t allow us to take those lavish holidays we all dream of. 

However, as a couple, you should never forget just how valuable it is to just get away from it all for a couple of days. Even just a change in your daily routine is enough to reset your batteries and feel more intuned with one another. Plan a trip to a new destination and enjoy making new memories with your partner.


Cook Your Wedding Menu

At the time, choosing your wedding menu is a fun thing to do with your husband or wife to-be and seems to be one of the most important tasks when planning a wedding. However, on the day you’ll probably have been so wrapped up in the rest of your wedding that you didn’t really pay much attention to it. 

If you and your partner are having a relaxed anniversary celebration, then cooking your wedding menu is a great way to surprise your other half and is a great way to create some fun memories – even if it does all go disastrously wrong, at least you’ll both laugh about it! 


Enroll In A Fun Class 

Sure, luxury jewellery and flowers still make for nice anniversary gifts, but if you and your partner find yourself often doing the same things all the time, then use your anniversary as an excuse to book something new and exciting which you can both learn and do together. 

Whether it be rock climbing or cooking, you’ll both have fun getting involved in something new together and it may even kick-start a new hobby for you both to enjoy when you have time together. Try to choose something which you wouldn’t usually do and which neither of you has tried before – this will make it even more fun!


Go On A Scavenger Hunt

If you want to spend time together as a family celebrating your anniversary, then a fun scavenger hunt is a great way to get out and enjoy the day together. Create a map and take them to some memorable locations which signify something important within your relationship, such as your first date location or where you got married. 

Try to include some clues, riddles or I-Spy games if you have younger children, or plan a nice meal to enjoy at the end of your scavenger hunt if you have older children. 

How To Support Your Child’s Creativity

Creativity in a child is something you definitely shouldn’t suppress. When a child’s imagination runs free, they come up with innovative ideas that brighten their and your day, they have a better time playing with friends and by themselves, and they get by easier as adults. To a creative mind, the world is never boring or drab, and there are always opportunities for fun. You should channel your child’s creativity while they’re still young so that they can gain new skills and be more capable and smarter adults.

1. Let them disagree with you

Just because you’re the parent doesn’t mean you’re always right. Your child should have the opportunity to state their own ideas and thoughts and express their feelings regardless of if you share them. They don’t have to have the same opinion as you on any topic, really.

The important thing is that they give you structured and logical arguments behind their opinion. Challenge them, but don’t reprimand them. Not only will this support their creativity, but it will also teach them that not everyone needs to think the same. They’ll be much more tolerant as an adult, and they won’t have a hard time changing their opinions if someone proves them wrong.

2. Ask questions

The best way to get a child thinking is to ask them questions. Whenever they draw or make something, ask them about it. They’ll surely be proud of their creation and bring it to you to show off as soon as they finish it. Don’t just tell them it’s nice- genuinely take interest in what it is, how it works, and why they came up with it in the first place.

They’ll be glad to tell you everything and the conversation will get them thinking. This will inspire them more and get their imagination running. Soon enough, they’ll have an elaborate story behind every invention or drawing, and they’ll run to you right away to share their genius. A simple “why?” can have a lot of effect and encourage your child to think about everything they do.

As they get older, this may transfer to other things. They’ll think of stories behind people’s smiles, they’ll come up with a story for the flower they found when they were coming home, and they’ll have the most brilliant essays in school.

3. Teach them a new language

Children learn languages best when they are young. They’ll pick up the grammar and the vocabulary much faster than adults, and they’ll have a much easier time using it. If English is their mother tongue, they might benefit from courses which let them know the language on a deeper level. If not, it’s best to enrol them in a suitable course. English for kids is a great way to teach your children the language and equip them for the world. Everybody today speaks English, and your child will surely use this language as they get older.

If it turns out that they’re quite good at languages and like learning them, you can find courses in French, Spanish, German, or anything in between, too.

4. Set a free area at home

Allowing your kids to be free and creative around the house sounds good in theory, but it’s not so fun when they ruin the furniture, the walls, and stick you with the mess. Still, you shouldn’t be so bossy. Allowing them some freedom and autonomy will let you know what their interests are, get you closer to them, and show you how they express themselves.

A good idea is to set a certain zone in the house and let your kid go wild in it. It can be their room, the yard, the garage, or any other area you think of. The important part is that there is no


The key to bringing up a happy child is understanding their likes, dislikes, and how they think. Recognizing your child’s creativity is the first step in nurturing it. You’ll have a lot of fun figuring out what activities they like best together. More importantly, you’ll get to watch them grow into a happy and capable individual who has a wide skill set and can do anything they set out to do.

The Big Day Has Come – Are You Ready for It?

With all the pre-wedding jitters and planning the entire event to the smallest detail, thinking about your own look will probably be one of the most stressful steps. From making sure your hair appointment is scheduled, to actually living to see your dream hairstyle with your wedding gown and the perfect maquillage to complement the entire look, it would be an understatement to say the whole process is nerve-wracking. However, if your big day is approaching quickly, this is what you need to make sure of in order to be completely ready to walk down the aisle.

Your hair will need to shine

Making sure your locks are in tip-top shape is one of the essential steps in wedding preparation. Having in mind that you’ve already booked your hairstylist and talked to them about the way your hair should look, now is the time to put the work into action and create the perfect locks. In case you haven’t done anything with your hair in a few months, you might want your ends trimmed so that the hair will get a fresh look and make the curls stand longer looking as fabulous as ever.

Get your skin glowing

A proper cleansing, moisturizing and toning routine should be on point from the day you book your wedding venue. You’ll want to look your best and have makeup sit flawlessly on your face, which will require dedicated skincare. In case your face needs a bit of touch-up, have a facial at least a month before the wedding so that on the big day you don’t have to fight discolouration, spots or nasty blemishes. You might also be interested in a glycolic peel, which you should schedule 2 weeks before the wedding.

Make-up on point

One of the most important aspects of wedding preparation is certainly make-up. You should make sure to pick out the look that will best emphasize your facial features and bring out the most of your natural beauty. Your eyes should definitely take centre stage, which is why you may want to add a wow effect with eyelash extensions. Make sure you look for a professional who’ll use quality eyelash extensions and schedule your appointment for a week prior to the big day. Test various makeup looks to find out which suits you best, and always have a backup for the original vision of yours.

Brighten your smile

A pearly white smile is an absolute must, so be sure to use plenty of whitening kits in the month before the wedding. From whitening strips to toothpaste and various kits from the pharmacy, to homemade hacks, you can easily get a shade or few lighter a smile that will look absolutely stunning on your wedding photos. In case none of the options work, feel free to visit your dentist and have professional teeth whitening treatment that will ensure a Hollywood-like smile for weeks to come.

Get a spray tan

Are you getting married in the winter or spring, and you didn’t get the chance to pick up some of that bronze tan? Worry not because with a little bit of spray tan, you’ll get the perfectly sun-kissed skin that will look absolutely stunning in your white gown. Just be sure to schedule a trial spray tan to see which shade will be the most suitable for your skin tone. You do not want to look like Oompa-Lumpa, so schedule a trial at least a month before the big day. If you’re happy with the results, schedule the actual appointment two days before the wedding so that the colour would sit well on the skin and make your glowing tan as natural as possible.

Don’t forget the manicure

There’s not an elegant bride without perfectly polished nails. Therefore, don’t forget to make a mani-pedi appointment and get your nails and toes buffed and polished to perfection. For those brides who’d like a gel mani, it’ll be necessary to make an appointment one to three days before your big day in order to look fresh and last even through your honeymoon. If you opt for regular nail polish, use a long-lasting top coat to ensure a shiny and durable manicure.

Final thoughts

Getting ready for the big day is quite a challenge, but with this small guide, you’ll have no trouble keeping up with everything. Just make sure you plan everything in advance and schedule appointments on time, to avoid any additional stress.

Prepare for Hiking In The Forest- Make Bear Grylls Proud

Sometimes all you need to relax and get away from the stressful ways of everyday life is packing the essentials and heading out into the wilderness to reconnect with nature. Think about it- when was the last time you decided to venture out into the forest? Above all, exploring wild places you have never witnessed before give you the ultimate power to clear your head and reclaim your energy. However, even though it is an exciting experience, going out into the wilderness may prove to be quite a challenge. Luckily, one can pick up some of the most helpful tips and tricks to make sure things go smoother without any difficulties. So, if you have been planning to spend an epic time in nature, here are the top tips to help you prepare and truly make Bear Grylls proud.

Choose the right type of footwear

There is nothing worse than taking a trip in uncomfortable footwear only to end up with extremely sore and painful feet. First and foremost, pay close attention when choosing the right type of footwear! Some hiking enthusiasts prefer the traditional looking boots above the ankle, whilst others choose lightweight trail running shoes. Even though it might be a lot heavier and it may slow you down, more experienced hikers recommend choosing traditional boots due to their waterproof abilities. Running shoes are definitely lighter, but they will not protect your feet from rain and moisture, so you will end up feeling uncomfortable and possibly sick when you get back.

Break the boots

Another important thing hikers need to think of is breaking the footwear before going off into the wilderness. Luckily, it is quite simple and easy to break footwear; just put the boots on and start walking around. Of course, one needs to do this at least two weeks earlier so the boot’s materials will have time to loosen up and adapt to the shape of the feet. Practice around the neighborhood or even go for shorter hikes to stretch the material and get the footwear ready for the wild.


Know how to pack

What you pack is extremely important, but it is also vital that you know how to pack these items. When a hiker manages to distribute weight in the pack, optimal gravity is achieved. Of course, when someone takes a backpack on the trip, it is quite natural that weight will be put on the hips. Hence, it is vital to find out how to achieve the ideal weight distribution, so here is a brief guideline; on the bottom of the pack should be the sleeping bag, whilst the center should contain the heaviest items such as the food and water supplies. The essential clothing and gear should be put in the sides of the pack, whilst the lid is where the maps and other light things go. Also, the quality of the backpack is of extreme importance. When shopping, look for a high-quality backpack, preferably a waterproof one. Companies such as Bags by Bensonoffer a wide array of products which cater to even the most passionate hikers. Above all, one can choose between leather, canvas or even nylon!

Do not bring a lot of extra clothes with you

If you are a newbie to hiking, you will probably want to bring more than enough clothes with you. However tempting it might be, one should never carry extremely heavy bags along the trip. Why? It has to do with the fact that a heavier load of clothes will only slow you down and make you struggle more. Of course, the only way to make sure you bring the essentials and nothing more is to carefully plan out what you will actually need when in the wilderness. Make sure to check the contents of the pack and take into consideration the weather forecast and the climate. One should always pack extra warm clothes, but remember to not overdo it! Most importantly, remember that getting dirty is just part of the fun of spending time in nature!


Start small for the first time

Once you have gathered all the essential supplies and gear for your trip, you will realize how simple backpacking is. Nevertheless, there will always be a learning curve, especially when first starting out. To make the whole experience less stressful, plan ahead and start small by choosing an easier trail. As you get better with it, you will be more confident and ready for greater challenges.

In summary, backpacking in the wilderness can be an extremely rewarding experience worth the time and effort. Remember to keep it simple and have fun!

4 Rules To Spruce Up Your Workwear Wardrobe

We’ve all been there. When the alarm goes off in the morning and you find yourself hitting snooze, you’re often left scrambling around last minute to find something clean, ironed and smart to wear for work. Often, we reach for an old faithful shirt and trousers or dress and ballet pumps. As time passes, you can find yourself in a style rut, wearing the same key pieces over and over, but never really doing much different with them. But, the easiest way to get out of a rut is to add in a few wardrobe-changing pieces which will work with whatever else you already have in your workwear wardrobe.

Invest In Classic Pieces

Making an investment in classic pieces which will last you years is one rule which you should definitely follow when it comes to your work wardrobe. A well-tailored blazer, stylish luxury belts and shirts should be amongst your go to pieces, as they work well for all events and situations. Whether you have a big meeting, going out for a work lunch or even just want to look and feel smart, then these are the pieces you’ll likely be reaching for.


Dress For Your Job’s Functions

A common mistake which a lot of people make is spending a lot of money on a wardrobe which is just full of smart workwear. Depending on your job, it usually isn’t feasible for you to buy pieces which you are unlikely to wear and instead, you should tailor your workwear choices to suit your job’s main functions. If you spend a lot of time on your feet, then you must invest in a good quality and comfortable pair of shoes, or if you spend a lot of time in meetings or in-between offices, then a smart and structured bag is the perfect piece to keep all your paperwork and documents in place.


Pieces Which Can Be Dressed Up Or Down

If you are starting a new job, then you can never really gauge what the office attire is going to be. Having a wardrobe full of pieces which can both be dressed up and down is the key as you can mix and match to create the perfect outfit for the occasion. From smart skirts to casual blouses, you can create different outfits when needed out of your key pieces. Having pieces which you accessorise and re-function throughout the year is key, as you won’t need to keep buying different pieces.


Take Your Time

When it comes to your work wardrobe, a lot of people get overwhelmed at the thought of buying smart and conservative choices. Remember, each workplace is different, so you need to evaluate the attire before you go out spending fortunes on new workpieces. Building and creating a capsule wardrobe takes times, so it doesn’t matter whether it takes 4 weeks or 4 months. Workwear is all about being comfortable and looking smart, so rather than spending money on a whole new suit for a new job, instead invest in a smart dress shirt that you can pair with chinos whilst you get a feel for your workplace. Other items can be added as and when you need them.

Why are Banners Excellent for Advertising?

Depending on your age, you will have probably seen thousands of banners and not realised they have been implanting indelible messages in your brain. How many bus services across the UK have displayed a banner advertisement? How many times have you watched a football game on TV and witnessed all of the banners surrounding the pitch? Try to name some of the products advertised on those banners and recall if you have ever used those products.

Banners at sports stadiums are not placed to fill spaces around the pitch. Of course, the club gets revenue from selling prime advertising space. It is nothing compared with how much the company that is advertising receives in the form of extra income from increased sales. One particular paint brand has been advertised for years at major football stadiums. There is a good chance it’s the paint you decorate your home with. Is it the best paint on the market? Probably not, but it’s the paint product best known because of how the company effectively uses banners for advertising.

Banner printing provides excellent results

The range of digital printing machines for banner printing has grown exponentially over recent years as banners have come to the forefront of advertising campaigns across the country. You can have banners printed on very flexible materials that are lightweight and durable. If you need very wide and long banners, professional banner printers can produce banners of all sizes with fantastic artwork designs.

If you have your own artwork, the banner printer will reproduce your images in crisp form to meet your expectations. Most banner printers offer artwork designs based on the parameters of your ideas, which they then translate into pictures and words depending on your requirements.

A good banner printer will offer you a range of banner supports such as frameworks and roll up or pop-up devices enable the display of the banner.

If you are placing your banner in a public area, you may want to seek permission from your local council office to avoid any disappointments and embarrassment if you are asked to remove the banner for some reason. The local council is not concerned about structures that are easily removable and are not placed for more than a day or two.

Who uses printed banners?

If you are a business owner looking to gain extra exposure for your products, banners offer a good advertising solution. Public authorities like hospitals make great use of pop-up banners as a welcoming gesture or to give directions to different departments.

Schools and universities can make good use of banners, particularly freestanding pop-up banners that are essential for advertising events and social gatherings. Large banners supported by a lightweight framework are perfect for product launches.

Some printed banners can cost as little as thirty pounds and provide the perfect solution for family announcements such as birthday and anniversary greetings.

A professional banner printer will supply you with a cost-effective method to present your message or products in a professional way.

These One-Piece Swimsuits Are Way Sexier Than Bikinis

Summer season is finally here, and it is time to enjoy some wonderful time at beachside with friends. Most of the people these days are planning their vacation destinations where they can feel free from the routine workload and other worries of life. But once your tickets are booked, the next challenging task for every traveler is to pack the bag.

One of the biggest confusions that ladies have in their mind is usually about their dressing. Some of you might be planning to buy bikinis to highlight the sexier side of you but have you heard that one-piece swimsuits are the latest trend to define beauty on the beachside. Indeed, if you want to look sexy in the real sense and want to turn heads around, it is time to buy some of the best collections of one-piece swimsuits.

Below we have mentioned a few reasons to consider one-piece swimsuits over bikinis for your next outdoor adventure tour:

Swimwear or Leotard:

Girl, Swimsuit, Water, Beach, Woman

Yeah! You heard the right thing. One can use these cool dresses like swimwear or as a leotard as well. With this amazing feature, these clothes become the best choice when you are a long vacation and want to enjoy convenient adventure hours. It keeps you ready for the swim in the coastal town at any hour of the day. You can pair them with some unique high waisted shorts and get ready to explore the world without any restriction.

Deep V Neckline style:

From past several years, trends reveal that ladies are always in love with the deep v style clothing. Manufacturers these days are designing one-piece swimsuits with the same appearance. The neckline design is considered as the most flattering choice for ladies, and naturally, it makes them look far sexier than the common style bikinis. Indeed, you must try these catchy and comfortable suits during the upcoming vacation season.

Stay tuned to its other half:


While wondering out on the islands and beach sides, we often misplace things in excitement. But the worst thing that can happen to any adventure lover is missing or losing the other half of the bikini; especially when it has a very particular design and pattern. In order to avoid such incidents, it is better to wear one-piece suits that stay with you all the time because they are connected.

They are comfortable:


Last but not the least thing to know about one piece swimwear is that they are comfortable to wear. Manufacturers at Ice Design prefer to design these cloths using top-notch fibre materials so that users can enjoy the incredible experience without worrying about any harm to their skin. Moreover, you can buy these one-piece swimsuits in a variety of pattern, size and colour range with ease.
If you want to look stunning during your beachside outings, it is good to buy a bright and unique pattern of one-piece swimsuit online. Professionals will ensure fast delivery at your doorstep.

4 Women’s Watch Brands with a Twist

It’s easy to fall in love with your watch regardless of whether you prefer a traditional style or a smartwatch. It’s an accessory that you can use to highlight your style and show off a small part of your personality. However, some girls can struggle to find a watch they love because it looks more traditional. Here’s a look at some watch designers that are creating styles with a twist on the conventional.



A Danish watch brand that offers both simplicity and complexity simultaneously. The design of the watch is usually just two colours, the face being one, and the rest of the watch is another, which makes the watch sound very basic. The unique design comes from the hour hand being a metal ball rather than a regular hand, and its highlighted by the minutes hand a conventional style. Its bold, simple design that will catch anyone eye, and the detail of the hands will keep their gaze. Buying a Picto watch shows that you’ve put an extra bit of thought into your choice of a timepiece and it’s unlikely that you’ll bump into anyone with something similar.


Storm Watches

A style of watch that you can continuously change. Storm watches offer interchangeable straps so if you taste changes on a daily, weekly or monthly basis, it’s a perfect designer to suit your needs. They provide multiple straps you can purchase separately and a variety of alternate styles, so if you want a regular leather strap in the day for a dress watch, or a rose gold watch in the evening, you won’t need to buy multiple watches, just straps!



The AARK collective offers a massive range of simple and complex timepieces. Using alternative, yet familiar pattern on the watches, an AARK watch could have a turtle shell casing or a wave formed hour hand for a slight alteration on what would be seen as a traditional watch. AARK’s vast collection of alternative watches makes it a tempting brand to browse through and it can match up with both smart and bohemian jewellery, and they are sold at a price point that is both realistic but also gives you the sense of buying a quality timepiece.



The twist on this brand will likely be the favourite. It offers a premium watch at some of the lowest prices imaginable. Watches from as little as $18 that have an ultra-thin gold casing with a mesh strap. Browsing the website immediately gives you the feeling of viewing a luxury brand, but the price tag you expect just isn’t there. The watches are conventional in their styles, but still has a beautiful finish.


Four brands to browse and fall in love with, it can be easy to pick out a watch in some cases, but finding one you keep and like for at least a few years can be tough at times, make sure you consider the price when committing to an alternative style at a high price.


6 Ways to Run a Successful Cancer Fundraising in India

Cancer is one of the most dangerous diseases that has handicapped a majority of the human population. It not only comes with a high fatality rate but also an unimaginable amount of financial distraught, which is why not many people are able to survive the onset of cancer. But just because we, with our single efforts cannot battle cancer, doesn’t mean that we are not powerful enough to battle the disease together. If humans don’t help each other to survive, in times of need, then who else will? Therefore, it is very essential for various groups and people to host fundraisers to raise money that will help in combating cancer. This is essential especially in a time like this where India is seeing an internet boom and we can use this to popularize crowdfunding for medical treatment.

To help and guide people who are interested in starting a cancer fundraiser’s themselves, here are 6 tips that are likely to help you out.


  1. Plan an Event:

This is the first and the most crucial step, in which one has to decide on how exactly do they plan to collect the money and how will they utilize the collected money. Online events like the ALS ice bucket challenge which was a trend a few years back, shows how the events need not be offline and physical.


  1. Make It Easy For People To Donate:

      It is extremely important that people know where exactly they have donated. There shouldn’t be any ambiguity about the donation gateway, it is very advisable to use a concrete platform that solely exists to help with crowdfunding India.


  1. Show How The Donations Are Making An Impact:

      When potential donors see that the donations are actually being used to help people in need and is making an impact in society, they will be in a much better state of mind and thus donate more generously. No-one wants to donate their hard-earned money to some shady organization that might or might not be legit.


  1. Have A Deadline:

      People are very lackadaisical in nature and that is exactly why one should always set a deadline for their fundraising campaign. This will make people donate at the very moment and they won’t keep delaying their donations.


  1. Incentive:

      Providing donors with some kind of incentive like giving them access to certain offers, makes them more interested in donating.


  1. Spreading Awareness:

      This is yet another crucial step, where the organizers need to explain and educate potential donors about how cancer cripples millions of Indians. Proper education on the matter won’t only help in raising donations but also enlighten the masses.

These are few steps with which one can easily setup up an event to facilitate crowdfunding for cancer in India. So, go out there and help raise money for people who need it.


Health and Beauty: 6 Relaxing Spas in the World’s Airports

Tedious hours of traveling, long wait for connecting flights, as well as crowds of hurrying people in the terminals and an endless journey to your final destination always create additional stress for the body and soul. How to get rid of stress while waiting for your flight? Everything is very simple: you can spend time at a local cafe, or rent a car here to explore local attractions.

However, an equally attractive option is to enjoy the spa-procedures in one of the spa-centers located on the territory of the world’s airports…

Elemis Travel Spa at London Heathrow Airport

First-class passengers along with British Airways club card holders are offered quick and free procedures that can be provided at terminals 3 and 5 of Heathrow Airport, where Elemis Travel Spa is located. Such procedures are created to restore the travelers’ strength in a short period of time, and to refresh their skin, which lost a lot of moisture during the flight.

Elemis Travel Spa at Heathrow T5 - British Airways

(photo by Matt@TWN)

A 15-minute massage of the legs and shoulders will bring you back to normal, and you will be able to continue your flight or go on a new journey. All the drugs with which the procedure is done, you can purchase at a discount. For those who are not first class passengers and don’t have a British Airways club card, Elemis Travel Spa can also arrange a number of procedures, but for the additional money. The average cost of one procedure is about $70.

Back to Life Spa at Amsterdam Airport Schiphol

One of the most interesting spa centers is located at Amsterdam Airport Schiphol. There’s one unique procedure that is not only curative, but also quite funny. Guests are dressed in a special “space” costume and are given an aqua massage. In this case, the client enjoys massage while being in the same clothes in which he came to the spa-center.

Zen SPA Japanese pool

36 jets of pulsating water will help to relax and restore lost strength. Also, you can take there a small massage course, try an oxygen cocktail and learn little secrets about aromatherapy.

Timeless Spa at Dubai International Airport

Timeless Spa spa-centers are located in Terminal 3 of Dubai Airport and owned by Emirates. They can be found in the lounges for passengers of the first and business class, as well as on the third level of the terminal. The combination of the best equipment, the work of international-class specialists and the peaceful atmosphere makes Timeless Spa a refuge, where you can escape from the bustle of the airport. These centers employ cosmetologists, who have international certificates in the field of cosmetology, massage and therapy.

Timeless Spa, Wolgan Valley

(photo by Vaughan Dunn)

Timeless Spa uses only the latest techniques that have been recognized as the best and most effective at the moment. Airline passengers are offered a wide range of procedures to help relax and rejuvenate just before a flight.

Massage of the body and especially a foot massage are in demand – it helps to get rid of pain that occurs during blood circulation disorders. First class passengers receive a 15-minute course of procedures for free, business class passengers are offered a 25-minute course for a small fee, and a special pricing policy has been prepared for economy-class passengers, where there are both high-cost and low-cost procedures are available.


Absolute Spa at Fairmont Vancouver Airport

Absolute Spa is a luxury oasis of health and beauty situated in Fairmont Vancouver Airport Hotel. The staff of the center offers you more than 130 aesthetic, cosmetic and health treatments. The most popular are hydrotherapy, aromatherapy, scrubbing and stone therapy.

absolute spa

(photo by Century Plaza Hotel & Spa)

Also, you can swim in the pool, visit the sauna and enjoy fitness in a specially equipped room. For regular customers, special discounts on almost all procedures are provided. Also, there are special “gift cards” that you can give to your near and dear ones, who often fly through Fairmont Airport in Vancouver. Prices for procedures start at $15.

D Parture Spa at Newark International Airport

In the terminal C of the Newark Liberty International Airport, the D Parture Spa was opened. Its main principle of work is keeping environmental-friendly concept. Therefore, branded procedures are performed by using only natural components, and all the tools that you want to take with you are packaged in a bamboo bag.


Procedures that are made faster than the others and help travelers to get into a state of calm for some time are in special demand. Among them are a special massage of the head and eyes, as well as an acupuncture massage of the sinuses, which will allow you to feel much more comfortable when changing pressure. The pricing policy at D Parture Spa is moderate. For 20 minutes of a head massage, you pay only about $25.

OM Spa at Hong Kong International Airport

Regal Airport Hotel has a cozy OM Spa, where you can plunge into the soothing decor of bamboo and Thai silk pillows. Fresh flowers and courteous staff will help you see Hong Kong from the other side. There’s no any fuss – everything is measured, calm, and beautiful.

Vi är på #Lögnäsgård söder om #Laholm #Hotell #Restaurang #Konferens #Spa Öppet året om. Läs mer på.

(photo by Svensk Vagguide)

The menu of services includes: scrubbing, hot stone therapy, jasmine and milk baths. For $20, those who are not stay in the hotel, can also work out in the hotel’s gym, as well as use the swimming pool and steam bath.